Friday, September 18, 2009

Chitika News and Tips

Chitika have updated their blog with some interesting tidbits:
- they’ll be releasing referrer buttons shortly
- they’ve pointed to a page that has a range of the types of products that they have stocks of ads for here
Also on Chitika eminimalls news - Alex has been writing some interesting Chitika eMiniMalls tips on his unofficial Chitika site. Two of the interesting ones are:
- Chitika Daily Keyword Rotation - this javascript code rotates different Chitika eMiniMalls keywords on different days of the week
- Chitika Keywords from Visitors’ Searches - this one will serve ads depending upon what people have come to your blog searching for. ie if they arrived on your blog after searching Google for ‘MP3 players’ you should get served ads for MP3 players.



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