Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chitika Placement Contest

Chitika Placement Contest

The Chitika bog has announced,that they are again reviving their Adsense + Chitika placement contest.The contest,is all about the best ways to integrate the Chitika Premium ads and Google AdSense ads in your blog pages,for the sole purpose of generating maximum revenue.The first chapter of this contest was a huge success.This time ,the Grand prize is a Playstation 3 Slim + NFL Madden 10,along with 2 runners up prizes of $ 200 each.For entry into this contest,you have to post a comment on their blog along with the URL of the page,where the two blogs,have been integrated.Personal note:Integrating,your ads with your blog posts,can surely increase the number of clicks,but i have not mastered the art yet.



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